Monday, March 25, 2013

looking back part 3: birthdays

spencer had a birthday in december, we kept it simple with a family party and a date night to see les miserables, we even sprung for popcorn (this is a big deal people).

harrison turned 2 in january. i can hardly believe my baby is 2. we had family over for pizza, cake, and ice cream. 

if you know harrison, you know he's a pretty big fan of the birthday song, if he sees a cake or cupcake, you can bet he'll break out singing. so when everyone started to sing it to him, his face was beyond adorable. he was absolutely grinning from ear to ear through the whole thing. he loooooved it.

olive turned 4 in february and we had her first friend party. we did a drive in movie party theme. we made up cardboard cars for each kid and spencer designed sticker decals that they each decorated their cars with. featured the party, so i'll let you click through to them if you're interested in the details. a friend also told me that c.jane of highlighted the party during her keynote address at BYU a couple weeks ago, i was so beyond flattered, C.JANE! i mean...
and olive declared it the "best birthday ever" so i'm counting it as a win.

and now it's march! the first day of spring was yesterday, my daffodils are coming up and we're anxious! i've found myself daydreaming of warm weather, bbq's and afternoons by the pool.

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robin said...

oh andi! i love you! i love everything about this post. your house, your ADORABLE kids, the amazing party.

please please can we please be neighbors already...?